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18 August
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Setting up MaaS + Juju on one Node on Ubuntu (using Virsh)

Using MaaS and Juju to deploy Openstack on Ubuntu is pretty easy to do, however often requires a large number of machine sitting around in order to host everything. Fortunately it is possible to run your Juju controller alongside your MaaS machine using virsh. For the purpose of this guide […]

9 May
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Setup two Printers with Buffalo Branded DD-WRT on Buffalo N600

The custom version of DD-WRT offered by Buffalo makes it easy to setup one printer with your router, however it becomes much harder when you go to add a second one. All the guides currently online (with the exception of this one) fail to cover how to do it. First […]

4 February
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Debugging made easier with GDB

(Authors Note: This was a paper I initially wrote as part of a project for class. I feel it came out well enough that it may also be useful to others.) Whenever a computer program is written, something has to be done to the written code in order to convert […]

29 April
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Ubuntu 11.04 Released…With Unity

Canonical has now released the latest version of Ubuntu, 11.04, dubbed natty narwahl out of its final stages and now as an official finished version. The biggest change is instead of the Gnome interface which we have all grown very used to, it now features the unity desktop. Now that […]

31 March
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Ubuntu 10 and a Deal with Yahoo?

Curiosity got the best of me this morning when I got on my Ubuntu machine.  When I looked to the address bar and was about to type in the address, I remembered that Ubuntu 10 was in development, and wondered what the start page would look like. So I went […]

24 November
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Windows 7 Transformation Pack

It seems that the creator of the Windows Vista Transformation pack has put out a new version, Windows 7 Transformation Pack. It is made to make your Windows Vista or Windows XP/2003 computer to look like windows 7. Unfortunately however it does not support 64 bit Operating Systems, so I […]

LinuxMint 7 Gloria Released!

Not long after the release of Ubuntu 9.04 (which LinuxMint is based on), LinuxMint 7 has been released. It looks like the developers put a lot of work into making this disto an improvement over the last one, with a nice new green spin on things. Other than a new […]