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25 April
Posted in Other

Enabling Poltergeist inspector while using capybara accessible + cucumber rails

I know this is a very specific toolset to be using and doesn’t affect many people, however it took me some time to get it working so it seems that it may be worth documenting. If you are working on a project that uses rails + cucumber + capybara accessible […]

21 May
Posted in Other

Enable Wake on LAN: Supermicro H8SGL(-F)

So you’re in the process of setting up a sweet Metal as a Service cluster and you’re taking all the second-hand hardware you can get your hands on. Lucky for you, a relatively beefy unmarked PSSC Labs server (4U) happens to make its way over to your rack. Nice! *Or […]

15 October
Posted in Other

HOWTO: Redirect a webpage

There are many different ways to redirect a page or a whole site to a new address. Here is a list of two of the most popular ways explained the simplest way possible. Most of these are different ways of doing the same thing, however some are useful for slightly […]