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19 October

Using Packer vmware-iso builder on Ubuntu 16.04 server with Workstation Player 14

Gwetting VMWare Workstation Player 14 (the free one) to work with Packer on Ubuntu 16.04 is possible and not very difficult, however it is very undocumented. In order to get it working you will need a few different packages, listed below Packer (Download the Linux 64-bit version, at the time […]

Adding Additional Nova-Compute to OpenStack

From openstack-installer base we want to add additional nova-compute services for different types of virtualization. The setup we have keeps one hypervisor type on one machine. This means that we have one machine dedicated KVM, another dedicated LXC, etc. When we want/need more of a particular hypervisor, just tell Juju and it […]

9 June

Docker in Kilo

I have followed these instructions for installing the Docker driver for OpenStack Kilo – Canonical distribution. Seems like that document is the most referenced and most up-to-date source. The goal here is to document the ways in which the instructions differed with a working Docker on Kilo setup. Keeping in mind that […]

21 February

Why Chrome Will take over the browser market.

Over the past few days, I have been using almost soley Mozilla Firefox 4 beta for browsing the internet, and just today decided to play with Google Chrome a little more, given I had not given it much of a chance. After about a days worth of use, I am […]

24 April

Ubuntu 9.04 Released!

Yep, canonical has released the newest version of Ubuntu right on schedule. So far I have had no problems with it, as it seems they did less modification and more under-the-hood fixes. Not only that, they also decided to release a new version for netbooks in which I intend to […]

11 June

Top 50 Programs That Drive you Crazy — and Their Open Source Alternatives

I recently found this list while surfing, and thought it may be found useful by somebody or another. I’m sorry it doesn’t have the titles like the original, but I had to take them away because all the content was running together. The forum version has the subtitles however, and […]