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Metal as a Service

6 January
Posted in Metal as a Service

Modifying MAAS deployment library scripts directly (such as curtin)

Say you have found a bug in a library which MAAS uses for deploying servers, have already fixed the bug and put in a merge request, however you need that change in your MAAS environment now. In my case it was a bug in curtin which was causing half of […]

5 January
Posted in Metal as a Service

Reverting changes to MAAS ephemeral images

In the MAAS “Debugging ephemeral image” section, you are provided with steps on how to create a user called “backdoor” with the password “ubuntu”. Nowhere in these steps does it provide the steps to revert these changes, even though all the first step of the guide is doing is creating […]

5 January
Posted in Metal as a Service

Stopping MAAS from automatically shutting down after failed deploy

I have been attempting to debug an issue involving curtin not successfully finding all of the drives on my machine, and during the debugging I ended up formulating a rather reliable way to stop the machine from powering off automatically, as it does whenever deployment fails. Note that this does […]