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19 October

Using Packer vmware-iso builder on Ubuntu 16.04 server with Workstation Player 14

Gwetting VMWare Workstation Player 14 (the free one) to work with Packer on Ubuntu 16.04 is possible and not very difficult, however it is very undocumented. In order to get it working you will need a few different packages, listed below Packer (Download the Linux 64-bit version, at the time […]

Adding Additional Nova-Compute to OpenStack

From openstack-installer base we want to add additional nova-compute services for different types of virtualization. The setup we have keeps one hypervisor type on one machine. This means that we have one machine dedicated KVM, another dedicated LXC, etc. When we want/need more of a particular hypervisor, just tell Juju and it […]

29 May
Posted in Linux

MaaS Timeout Error

When setting up MaaS there was an odd timeout error when commissioning machines. The PXE image was not able to run apt and was timing out. Turns out the firewall and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) was blocking IPv6 traffic to Ubuntu archives even though the rules were configured to allow. […]

27 May
Posted in Linux

Adding nodes to the Ubuntu OpenStack Installer

One of the nice things about using Ubuntu to deploy OpenStack is that there are a lot of tools built for the sole purpose easing cloud-deployments with Ubuntu. Unfortunately not all of these tools have the easiest documentation to follow. One of these tools is the Ubuntu OpenStack installer. When […]

22 May
Posted in Linux

Reviving Quantum Guardian 4400 NAS

In keeping with the previous post about getting second-hand hardware I present the Quantum Guardian 4400! Once a state of the art machine, the Guardian 4400 is now a shadow of its former self. It is vulnerable to a host of vulnerabilities, most notably shell-shock, The icing on the cake is […]

20 May
Posted in Linux

Setting up JBOD on x3650 M2 (7947)

In an attempt to get MaaS/OpenStack working with a x3650 M2 (7947), one of the big showstoppers we ran into was with the RAID controller not wanting to allow the disks to be seen as physical disks. This is something which the OpenStack installer wants to see, so we had to […]

19 May
Posted in Linux

Updating the RAID controller on x3650 M2 (7947)

I recently began working with an IBM System X 3650 M2 (7947) with no operating system installed and a very out of date MR10i SAS RAID controller. Unfortunately I was caught in a bit of a catch 22 since I had no OS installed and could not figure out how […]

21 January
Posted in Linux

TUTORIAL: Sending emails directly to the Gmail trash bin when deleting from thunderbird mail

I just recently started using Ubuntu again, and one of the biggest challenges I have ran into has been with the default mail client, Thunderbird. This guide explains how to fix one of the biggest problems I have been encountering with thunderbird, sending emails directly to the trash bin without […]

24 April

Ubuntu 9.04 Released!

Yep, canonical has released the newest version of Ubuntu right on schedule. So far I have had no problems with it, as it seems they did less modification and more under-the-hood fixes. Not only that, they also decided to release a new version for netbooks in which I intend to […]

4 March
Posted in Linux

Linux Mint, User Friendly Linux!

I started off as a windows user, many years ago. I was somewhat happy with it due to its user-friendliness to an extent. However unfortunately it is not very secure. So just a few years after I started using Windows, I ran into a problem on my laptop, Windows would […]