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7 September

Google Chrome (Beta)

Google has recently released their own browser (currently in beta version) called Google Chrome. It is quite simple as of yet, and doesnt have many customizable features. Right now, Id reccomend it for beginners who just want a simple place to type a website address and go to a site, […]

9 August

Firefox 3.0.1

Firefox 3 was released a while back, and I was sorta busy, so I totally misssed it, so here’s the update now. I havent really noticed too many differences, except the big back button. It looks like all the people who make the addons are beginning to update them. It […]

21 June

Firefox 3 released from beta!

Firefox 3 is no longer a beta version, it was released today. So far, there are no features that I have seen that are new from since the beta was released, it still has that big back button >.<. The worst thing Ive noticed so far is the fact that […]

18 April

Run Internet Explorer tabs in Firefox

There is a program that allows you to run programs that require Internet Explorer in Firefox. It is called IE tab, and can be downloaded from Unless you are running firefox 3 beta, the newest version will not work. Therefore you must use an earlier version of the program. […]

19 March

Open multiple tabs on startup using Firefox.

I knew that this feature was available for Internet Explorer, however in Firefox it is not specific on how to do this, so I thought I’d better post this. It is quite simple really, all you have to do is go to tools, options, and type in the homepages you […]

16 March

How to browse safer.

Warning: Before you read this, I’d better let you know that this is not a substitute for a good antivirus program. Now, down to business, these two browser plugins will help you browse safer by giving you community ratings and/or by telling you what they found when they had bots […]

15 March

Firefox 3 beta 4 released!

Firefox seems to be dishing out new versions of Firefox very fast. It seems like just a week ago that there was Firefox 3 beta 3 coming out. Looks like the new version doesn’t have much new, however, except bug fixes. On a side note, according to, Firefox 3 […]