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Antivirus programs

17 December
Posted in Antivirus programs

New Lavasoft product is available for download!

We are all familiar with Lavasoft products like Ad-Aware, Registry Tuner, Personal Firewall, etc… Today Lavasoft has announced the new products called Anti-Virus Helix. This new product delivers comprehensive protection and high performance with low impact on system resources. Using advanced heuristic technology, it offers superior detection rates, guarding against […]

16 March
Posted in Antivirus programs

The best (in my opinion) backup antivirus program.

The best backup program in my opinion…is PC Tools Spyware Doctor, which can be downloaded using the Google Pack ( I have tried many other backup antivirus programs, and it is the least buggy, and does the best job. (It is a little heavy on system resources, however) This can […]

16 March
Posted in Antivirus programs

Get McAfee Security Center for Free, Legally!

Do you need a trusted antivirus, but don’t want to spend the money? If so, here’s your answer, get it free from AOL! (You can download it here: I personally have been using this for a year, and it really works, and is just like McAfee. The only difference […]