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Ubuntu 11.04 Released…With Unity

Canonical has now released the latest version of Ubuntu, 11.04, dubbed natty narwahl out of its final stages and now as an official finished version. The biggest change is instead of the Gnome interface which we have all grown very used to, it now features the unity desktop. Now that I have been using it for a day or so now, I have begun to enjoy it better, however my first impression was that it would take a lot of getting used to. The buttons seem as though they no longer are able to be moved to the right side of the screen, and if you do, when you maximize, they run back to the left. This may explain why they previously moved the buttons from the left to the right in the previous release, 10.10. One program which has seemed very buggy so far to me is VMware Workstation. Most of the integration features seem to be bugging out very badly, and definately could use some adjustment. Overall though I believe that although a few things still need some work, such as VMware and Skype, it seems as though the Unity interface could be something that becomes a very enjoyable experience to use. Go check it out!

Posted By Robert

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