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Its not a bug, its a feature

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Why Chrome Will take over the browser market.

Over the past few days, I have been using almost soley Mozilla Firefox 4 beta for browsing the internet, and just today decided to play with Google Chrome a little more, given I had not given it much of a chance. After about a days worth of use, I am convinced it has the features needed to take over the browser market.

1. It is fast. This is not based on any browser test, this is just based on how it feels when using it. Even though I do love Firefox very much, the latest beta does feel somewhat wrong. I will give the latest IE some credit in this area, as the new one does feel faster, although I do not enjoy its design near as much.
2. Sync is amazing. When I first set it up, I did not really read into it and did not expect it to sync everything, including my extensions! When it did, I was very surprised and did enjoy it very much. I hate having to install everything I want more than once, so the fact that it did this for me almost instantly was a very big plus.
3. Extensions. One of the complaints there was when it first came out was the lack of extensions. I can safely say that has now been fixed. Every extension I could ever use plus a few more fun ones were avaliable, even some features which I have been unable to find in Firefox were avaliable.

In conclusion, when I went on an adventure to find a better browser, I was not expecting to run into this one, however after being very turned off by Opera’s lack of SOCKS support, I found myself trying it out, and was very amazed. This browser definitely has some amazing features and makes your web experience an overall better one.

Posted By Robert

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