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LinuxMint 7 Gloria Released!

Not long after the release of Ubuntu 9.04 (which LinuxMint is based on), LinuxMint 7 has been released. It looks like the developers put a lot of work into making this disto an improvement over the last one, with a nice new green spin on things.

LinuxMint 7 Gloria Screenshot

LinuxMint 7 Gloria Screenshot

Other than a new look, the rest of the work has been done by Ubuntu, stability fixes, etc. So far I have run into almost no problems with this new distribution, except one problem with the sound drivers, which I easily fixed.

If you are already a LinuxMint user, the instructions to upgrade can be found here: although it is suggested that you completly refomat your computer when upgrading.

If you are a new user, you can find the download information here:

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