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Ubuntu 9.04 Released!

Yep, canonical has released the newest version of Ubuntu right on schedule. So far I have had no problems with it, as it seems they did less modification and more under-the-hood fixes. Not only that, they also decided to release a new version for netbooks in which I intend to test out as soon as I can get a download of it. In the mean time, you can find some screenshots below:


Ubuntu asking to update


Ubuntu beginning to update.


Ready to restart after update?


The brand new Ubuntu completely updated.

If small updates keep being made to Ubuntu like this, from what I have seen in this one so far, it will help the operability of Ubuntu a lot, and add I think in effect expand the user base.

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Posted By Robert

One Response to “Ubuntu 9.04 Released!”

  1. DY Feng says:

    Oh,my linux is kub8.04.I prefer kde to gonme

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