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Linux Mint, User Friendly Linux!

I started off as a windows user, many years ago. I was somewhat happy with it due to its user-friendliness to an extent. However unfortunately it is not very secure. So just a few years after I started using Windows, I ran into a problem on my laptop, Windows would no longer work. I went out and got a CD for Ubuntu, and got rid of my Windows partition forever and started using Ubuntu. At first I was not very satisfied, due to the amount of customization it took, but after a bit of customization, you get used to it, and find that you can do much much more with it than Windows. I used Ubuntu for a good year, then I ran into Linux Mint.

Linux Mint Login Screen

In Linux Mint, it is pretty much customized right out of the box more so than Ubuntu. It is based off of Ubuntu, however it has been tweaked by the programmers of Linux Mint before it is sent out. It has a much better software manager than Ubuntu also, and contains much more software that can be installed. Also, by default it has a start menu, which is almost a merge of Windows Vista and the one that generally comes on a Linux distribution. It contains a Search Filter to search for your programs (A feature that I miss in Ubuntu) and a Control Center, much like the Windows Control Panel. Not only that, it comes with a firewall that has a GUI installed, and so far I have not had to use Terminal yet, due to the fact that everything I use either was already installed, or has an install option built in. To top it all off, if you have been using a different linux distribution this whole time, this one will not take much getting used to at all. It is a great OS for the entry level Linux user, or any other Linux user that perfers a Graphical User Interface over terminal.

Link to read more about Linux Mint or to download:

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    Linux Mint?It’s the first time I heard that

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