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Installing Ubuntu Without a CD

A while back, I decided that I would try out Ubuntu because of compiz-fusion, and all the other effects. I was sort of new to Linux overall, being exposed to windows all my life, so it took me some time to get used to all of the differences, like using the terminal to install programs, etc. Finally, I got used to it, made some modifications to it in an attempt to make it look more pleasing to the eyes. So off I set, trying to install Ubuntu, and right off the bat I ran into a problem, I didn’t have a blank CD to use. This was a bit of a setback for me.

I spent probably a month looking for a workaround to this, and ended up running into unetbootin, an open source program that can be downloaded from: which allowed me to install Ubuntu without having to use a CD. Very grateful, I set it up, ran it, and rebooted my computer. The program mounted the file as if it were a Live CD, and I managed to go through the Ubuntu install…all the way up to the partition manager part. Once I hit that there instantly was a problem. It could not run the partitioner because the harddrive was being used to mount the CD. So I aborted the install looking for a fix for this problem

Finally, I found a program that would allow me to partition my harddrive without a CD. I found Acronis Disk Director (free trial) This program allowed me to partition my harddrive, free for 30 days, which I found semi stupid, as you only need to partition once, and without a CD, which was the feature I needed the most. You may use any other program as you see fit, however, I am simply telling the one that I used.

After getting my harddrive partitioned, I managed to reboot, and run the Ubuntu Live CD using unetbootin. I went through the install, and put the new Ubuntu install on the partition I created. Finally, after about a week or so of work, I managed to get Ubuntu without a CD.

Posted By Robert

2 Responses to “Installing Ubuntu Without a CD”

  1. DarthHK says:

    Instead of going to all that trouble you could’ve just spent less than $20 on a pack of 30+ CD’s, you cheap bastard.

  2. Ben says:

    wow ur persistant… if it was me i would have just have gotten sick of it and went out and gotten a CD

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