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On a Boring Day…

Have you ever sat at your computer on a day with nothing to do, scoring unsatisfying kills on CS:S or plunking away at random text document? Well, I sure have, and to counteract the dullness I have devised a list of entertaining programs. These are all 100% free, and can keep you, or at least me, busy for hours. Now then, without further ado, let’s rock:

1) ReadPlease 2003– This program is a text-to-speech translator which dictates whatever you type. It comes loaded with four voices by default and you can download extras for free. You can adjust the rate at which the computer reads it, the font size, and make it read seperate sections. There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing somebody else read the most vulgar sentence imaginable…in slow motion…IN GERMAN!

2) Audacity– This is a very good and flexible sound studio which can record from multiple sources. This is great for seperating lyrics from music in a song to make it karaoke-ready, recording your voice and changing the pitch so that you sound like a chipmunk on speed, and a whole other host of things which only you can dream up.

3) Pandora Radio– A great web site which allows you to type in virtually any song or artist and Pandora will search for songs with similar qualities, thus creating your own personalized radio station. If you need some backround music while you’re browsing the interwebs, this is the place to go.

4) Pivot– One of my personal favorites: a stickfigure animation program. Pivot allows you to create frame-by-frame animations by assigning points to different parts of a stickman’s body, which you can manipulate to make them fight, dance, or anything else you can think up. The possibilities are endless.

5) iSketch– iSketch is a hard website to describe. It’s sort of like an online drawing contest where each person in a room takes turns drawing something and the others in the room have to try and decipher the feeble scribbles of the allotted drawer. This can become very hectic as the drawing topics range from pokémon to mythology. Tons of fun with your mouse and with a tablet.

Well, I hope these ideas help quell the nothing-to-do blues. Try a few, and tell me how you like them. See ya’ll next time!

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