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Ubuntu 8.10 Released

Ubuntu 8.10 was released this week, and can be downloaded from the official Ubuntu site. They advertise it as having “Great 3G Support”, “WIFI support” and the ability to launch from USB keys. I think the USB keys part is the most interesting, as I have a big enough usb plug to put it on there, so I might just try it. They are also saying that the server edition has better virtulization support, so it should be better for business, etc. Finally, this will include an update to the newest Gnome 2.24 and a Linux 2.6.27 kernels.

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Posted By Robert

2 Responses to “Ubuntu 8.10 Released”

  1. DarthHK says:

    Bah. It’s getting as bloated as Windows lately.

  2. Orlsend says:

    Yeah thats is the best OS I have seen in years.

    Currently using it now.

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