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Windows Se7en Coming Early

Windows Seven

Looks like Microsoft is ahead of schedule *gasp*! Microsoft had origionally set the official release date of Windows Seven to early 2010, but things are looking more like June 2009, and the beta release to October of this year! Lets hope Microsoft is changing some of its ways, and also decides to make it more optimized for regular use, unlike Vista, which was a hog. Could this be a new turn for Microsoft? Maybe I am being too hopeful, but it would be nice.

Posted By Robert

2 Responses to “Windows Se7en Coming Early”

  1. DarthHK says:

    Considering all of M$’s recent screw-ups (Vista, Office ’07, just to name a few…) I’d imagine this will be another nail to drive into the slowly filling coffin of Windows. (All of us PC users should say F*** you M$ and switch to ‘Nix! WINE, anyone?)

  2. Francisco says:

    i recognize that ms windows has some bugs, but well, every software have them
    but i prefer 1000 times windows than linux, linux it’s so boring to me, it’s free but really annoying

    i really want to try windows se7en (:

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