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Its not a bug, its a feature

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SmartFTP is no longer free!

SmartFTP has been a very popular free FTP program for a very long time, but lately, it has taken a new turn, now days if you try to use FTP, you will get the following message:

Note to free users

Unfortunately, after offering a free product and a free service to millions of users for more than 10 years we are no longer able to do so. We would like to thank you for using SmartFTP and hope to welcome you as a customer in the future. Thank you for your understanding.Register today and you will always have access to your valuable data.

I believe that this will be a big hit for smartftp, because im pretty sure that a lot of people will refuse to pay. If they needed money that bad, then they should have just put ads in the program or something in my opinion.

Posted By Robert

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