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19 October

Using Packer vmware-iso builder on Ubuntu 16.04 server with Workstation Player 14

Gwetting VMWare Workstation Player 14 (the free one) to work with Packer on Ubuntu 16.04 is possible and not very difficult, however it is very undocumented. In order to get it working you will need a few different packages, listed below Packer (Download the Linux 64-bit version, at the time […]

25 April
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Enabling Poltergeist inspector while using capybara accessible + cucumber rails

I know this is a very specific toolset to be using and doesn’t affect many people, however it took me some time to get it working so it seems that it may be worth documenting. If you are working on a project that uses rails + cucumber + capybara accessible […]

18 August
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Setting up MaaS + Juju on one Node on Ubuntu (using Virsh)

Using MaaS and Juju to deploy Openstack on Ubuntu is pretty easy to do, however often requires a large number of machine sitting around in order to host everything. Fortunately it is possible to run your Juju controller alongside your MaaS machine using virsh. For the purpose of this guide […]

9 May
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Setup two Printers with Buffalo Branded DD-WRT on Buffalo N600

The custom version of DD-WRT offered by Buffalo makes it easy to setup one printer with your router, however it becomes much harder when you go to add a second one. All the guides currently online (with the exception of this one) fail to cover how to do it. First […]

4 February
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Debugging made easier with GDB

(Authors Note: This was a paper I initially wrote as part of a project for class. I feel it came out well enough that it may also be useful to others.) Whenever a computer program is written, something has to be done to the written code in order to convert […]

13 January
Posted in Docker

(Actually) using Docker for Development

A lot of the material I have read involving using docker with rails for development has left me cursing at the screen unnecessarily. Hopefully this post will not give you the same reaction. A lot of the problems I encountered with the posts I founded ended up boiling down to […]

6 January
Posted in Metal as a Service

Modifying MAAS deployment library scripts directly (such as curtin)

Say you have found a bug in a library which MAAS uses for deploying servers, have already fixed the bug and put in a merge request, however you need that change in your MAAS environment now. In my case it was a bug in curtin which was causing half of […]

5 January
Posted in Metal as a Service

Reverting changes to MAAS ephemeral images

In the MAAS “Debugging ephemeral image” section, you are provided with steps on how to create a user called “backdoor” with the password “ubuntu”. Nowhere in these steps does it provide the steps to revert these changes, even though all the first step of the guide is doing is creating […]

5 January
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Stopping MAAS from automatically shutting down after failed deploy

I have been attempting to debug an issue involving curtin not successfully finding all of the drives on my machine, and during the debugging I ended up formulating a rather reliable way to stop the machine from powering off automatically, as it does whenever deployment fails. Note that this does […]

Adding Additional Nova-Compute to OpenStack

From openstack-installer base we want┬áto add additional nova-compute services for different types of virtualization. The setup we have keeps one hypervisor┬átype on one machine. This means that we have one machine dedicated KVM, another dedicated LXC, etc. When we want/need more of a particular hypervisor, just tell Juju and it […]